Atefeh Majidi Nezhad

“REVISION: 2021”

+2 Dastan Gallery


+2 presents “Revision: 2021” by Atefeh Majidi Nezhad starting Friday, November 26, 2021. The exhibition will be on view through Friday, December 17. Born in the city of Esfahan (1983), she graduated with an MA in Painting from the University of Tehran and has held two solo exhibitions (“Revision”, 2016, and “Revision: Zero-G”, 2017) at Dastan’s Basement. “Revision: 2021” is her first solo at +2.

Famous monuments of Esfahan, Jami’ Mosque in particular, have always drawn the artist to themselves. She spent many hours walking across their arched passageways, in the dizzying space under their domes, alongside walls adorned with floral patterns. She wanted to figure the secret of architecture and its power. To do so, she chose monoprinting. She inked a glass surface, gently laid a piece of canvas (or paper) over it, and used a pen to draw on what was the back of the canvas. Ink transferred onto the front by osmosis. “Revision: 2021” is yet another stage in the progression of Atefeh Majidi Nezad’s preoccupation with spaces that influence our lives.

In addition to the two previous solo exhibits at Dastan’s Basement, works of Atefeh Majidi Nezhad have appeared in 23 group exhibitions. Her residencies in the Netherlands and Finland (2018 and 2019) suggested new directions in her works, resulting in direct painting on lace fabric to create architectural landscapes. These works brought the visitor into the monument for a new sense of multi-dimensional space. The concept of “perception of distance”, which is central in “Revision: 2021”, took on a new dimension and subsumed the viewer’s imagination.